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Game Master

Product Description, Price, Commission:

Donate Coin - There is game currency on our server, so you can buy in-game add-ons (visual accessories, premium accounts, etc.) in a specialized server store.

Donate Coin Price - 24 rubl (~ 1 GEL).

The fee depends on the payment method

Delivery, Return and Exchange Policy:

Payment for the goods is made in any way presented on the site. Payment is made online. If you have any questions regarding the payment of goods, you should contact us by e-mail - [email protected]

Delivery of virtual goods is instant and is carried out in accordance with the data specified in the order. Information about the status of the order and its execution is indicated in the personal report of the client.

If the service was not fully provided (the account balance was not replenished or the replenishment amount differs from the estimated amount at the time of payment), the client has the right to refuse the service with the support of e-mail - [email protected] and receive the full refund. For cost or similar service. The term of consideration and reimbursement is 15 working days.

! Important !
You are not buying real life items and we are not selling them either. You help the server in the same way that the server can help you. The exchange is recognized as equivalent and is considered charity. If you do not agree with this, leave this page immediately
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